Faceriding Delight – The Sleepy Babysitter

Faceriding Delight - The Sleepy Babysitter

After a long night, Lisa was tired and took a nap…only problem is, she did it while babysitting, so that doesn’t work well….he comes home to find her sleeping on the bed, instead of taking care of the . Now he’s understandably upset, so after yelling at her, he reaches in and tries to get her out of the house…..without paying her… he may be in the right, but bills are bills, and Lisa wants her money..he obviously says no and to his surprise, Lisa pulls him down ans sits on him, demanding her money.

No idea what to do, but it’s too late anyways, she had him pinned down, and after demanding her money while having him in a front sitting pin, she turns around quickly and plants her VERY curvy ass on his face… most of what he says in muffled beneath her. Long periods of face sitting will leave him tired and out of breath, Lisa continues to sit all over his face until she gets her money, but he will not pay……In a very sexy moment, she sits on his throat before deciding to pull down her shorts and smothering his face with her bare cheeks.

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