Faceriding Delight – Sniffing Sam’s Butt, While Sleeping

Faceriding Delight - Sniffing Sam's Butt, While Sleeping

Samantha is sleeping innocently on the bed, wearing very cute sleeping shorts ( and leopard patterned panties ), her ass looks fantastic, TOO inviting for a pervert to walk in on. I sneak up, making sure I don’t make noise or touch her, I stick my nose as close as I can and take deep whiffs of her wonderful smelling butt. OOPS! CAUGHT!….”I was coming to tell you, dinner is ready” is all i can come up with…HAH! Sam takes over, straddling me, looking as cute as ever, she scoots up for a forward sit, before turning around for our favorite, reverse sitting.

THIS is my punishment! She even jokes about farting on my face again, “THEN, you going to smell it” as she wiggles and laughs! She then peels down the short to reveal her sexy leopard patterned panties, looking irresistably hot as she sits full weight and with perfect posture. Half way through she decides to take it all off, forward and reverse nude face sitting ensues, all the while, her witty comments and giggling ongoing :). Overall, this is one of her best clips, If you like Samantha, highly recommended!

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