Faceriding Delight – Madison – A Tap Out Game

Faceriding Delight - Madison - A Tap Out Game

Oh Madison, One of my favorite ladies on the site. She is the natural, the girl next door type, a girl who you would have a great time hanging out with…and she has an amazing ass! She can use that ass as a weapon..especially when her older step-brother wants to mess with her while she’s minding her own business doing yoga.

She doesn’t even know his intent ( to tease and mock her ) as her smile wonders why he barged into her room…and as he tries a wrestling move, she quickly grabs him in a choke hold…and then pins him, sitting on his chest and holding his arms down.

This is where you can see how physically superior she is, compared to him, sitting on top of him, wearing red leggings that hug her curves just right. She takes control, and now that he has easily worn down, she has her way with him, sitting right on his face ( all the while her thongs tease, like her pants are ready to burst ) bouncing and grinding, and then sitting for a long time…this is where she tells him to tap out if he wants out.

You’ll like the way she stays on after he taps, as if she doesn’t care…then puts him in a scissors hold until he taps, and she keeps squeezing after…he knows he bit more than he can chew, picking on his little step-sister..

She eventually decides to get a little more comfy…not to mention giving him a whiff of sweaty ass he had been complaining about…she takes off her leggings and sits firmly on his face, snuffing out the last bit of air ( Long face sit in her thong ) …he goes, as Madison continues to sit, finishing him off with the splits, which show off her crazy curves and flexibility.

Even the last second of this clip is wonderful, as she gets off him and walks off the camera, up close view of her toned body…and his lifeless body…

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Faceriding Delight - Madison - A Tap Out Game

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