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Amadahy – Beaten Cuck Licks Ass – [Brat Princess]

Amadahy - Beaten Cuck Licks AssBeaten Cuck Licks Ass

Starring: Amadahy
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Description: Amadahy is tired after the beating she gave her young cuck. She lies down and has the beaten cuck lick her ass. While being licked, Amadahy receives a text from Lexi! She just got fucked by her boyfriend. Amadahy mocks the cuck that while Lexi’s boyfriend was fucking the out of her, Amadahy was beating him.

Lexis boyfriend got fucked while the cuck got beaten. Life is so fair Amadahy explains. She keeps the cucks head where she wants it by trapping him with her heels. She reads a book while the cuck gives her a relaxing ass licking. The cucks chastity key hangs from her ankle while he obediently worships her ass. Amadahy is very cruel with her verbal humiliation.

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