Amadahy and Mia – Rewire Fresh Male into Milking Livestock – Brat Princess

Amadahy and Mia - Rewire Fresh Male into Milking Livestock

Amadahy and Mia have just received a fresh beta male at the pre cum collection facility. Its his very first time on the milking bench. The beta appears to be confused as to where it is and how it got there. Every sensation is new to it, the pleasure, the pain, the terror. All new cow cases are different, but this particular males production level is reading as extremely low. The orgasm will not build. Also, the male is still thinking of itself as a person with autonomy and even is using language. It tells its captors that it will not do as they say. He thinks he can survive the ordeal if he just resists. Nearly all fresh males are resistant at first. Thats why specific rewiring protocols have been set into place. Amadahy explains to the captive that if it does not attempt to achieve an orgasm, it will be shocked. These punishment shocks are far greater in intensity than the routinely administered denial shocks. In addition to punishment, it will be teased. Amadahy straddles the males face and bounces her hips. Just try to resist and see how that works out for you, she tells it. The male is resolute.

The automated program detects that the male is truly not attempting to achieve orgasm. Amadahy steps back as the automated program begin to run. A tremendous current is sent straight through the non compliants testicles. Its clear the intense pain is new to it. It makes very loud, terrified sounds before agreeing that it will do anything necessary to avoid another punishment shock. Its orgasm level starts to climb. The teasers are pleased with the progress it is making. Then, the fresh male makes the egregious mistake of calling its captors bitches. Amadahy and Mia shock the non compliant multiple times until its utterance is mere blubbering. It again, begins to build towards orgasm. Amadahy takes this as a good sign and goes to change her outfit. This section features classic sheer pantyhose paired with black bodysuits as the main look.

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