Savannah Fox – Catwoman Makes Batman Her Slave Part 2

Savannah Fox - Catwoman Makes Batman Her Slave Part 2

She hovers her ass over his face, teasing and taunting him with its heavenly proportions. He begs for her to stop clawing him and give him a taste of her. As she lowers her big ass down to his face he tries to take a lick. Not so fast Batman, your a slave and you don’t get a taste until I let you. She leans down and grabs a roll of tape, and tapes his mouth shut. Now lets see this get interesting. She lowers her massive ass onto his face completely cutting off his air supply. She laughs evilly at his struggles as he grasps the severity of the situation. She orders him to take a deep whiff of her ass, as she gleefully starts to smother him again. She takes a seat on his face and confesses his pathetic struggles are starting to turn her on. Watching the mighty Batman’s life slipping away, and it’s all because he’s trapped under her plump ass. She toys with him, smothering him until he almost before giving him a tiny whiff of air and then sealing his face to her ass again. As he starts to black out she jumps up and grabs her whip. She gives him an ultimatum, she can take his life right here and now, or bow down and be her slave. She drives her point home and begins hitting him with the whip. As Batman screams and cries out in pain she laughs maniacally, enjoying his torment. When he replies no to being her slave, she confesses she can’t end him just yet. But if she knocks him out maybe that will change his mind. She settles down and feels him squirm beneath her, seeing him so helpless has made her pussy super wet. She begins to ride his face, hoping he won’t pass out just yet. She humps his helpless face until she screams in ecstasy. Too bad Batman wasn’t awake to enjoy it. She whispers into his ear, to take a nice nap, she has a surprise for him when he comes to.

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Savannah Fox - Catwoman Makes Batman Her Slave Part 2

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