Sasha Mizaree – Slave to Sasha’s Ass – Club Stiletto

Sasha Mizaree - Slave to Sasha's Ass - Club Stiletto

Mistress Sasha is absolutely SPECTACULAR in this hard core ass slavery scene. She is so sexy, desirable and really pulls you into her world of being a complete slave to her ass. It’s a hot summer day and her ass is VERY SWEATY. First her ass bitch must sniff her entire ass crack from pussy to the top of her crack. He must drag his nose up and down and sniff loudly. When Mistress Sasha is satisfied, she removes her panties and orders her ass slave to clean her ass. He is her human toilet paper and in addition to licking her ass clean after every dump, she wants him to lick her ass frequently throughout the day just to freshen it up. Next comes her hard core toilet talk discussion regarding full toilet slavery. While her ass slave is cleaning her ass, she describes in nasty graphic detail how she plans to feed him frequently every day and how he will become her full blown toilet. Fantastic! If you are a toilet slavery fan, you MUST watch this scene.

Duration: 00:08:37
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
FileSize: 123 MB

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Sasha Mizaree - Slave to Sasha's Ass - Club Stiletto

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