Olivia Rose – Leg Scissor Tutorial

Olivia Rose - Leg Scissor Tutorial

Olivia Rose wants to show Jenevieve Hexxx and her viewers some ways to scissor her victims. They each demonstrating in black and tan pantyhose. Olivia starts out on her victim by wrapping her legs around his neck from behind him, making sure to squeeze super tight, making her knees touch. Next, Jenevieve tries, wrapping her legs around the victim’s neck as well. Olivia then goes on to demonstrate waits scissoring. She wraps her pantyhosed legs right around her victims waist squeezing with all her might as he winces with pain. Jen then follows, squeezing the air out of him. Next Olivia does a figure four right around her victims neck, grabbing her ankle and squeezing hard. She loves how his eyes bulge and he becomes breathless from her powerful legs. Jen then goes on to do the same figure four move, her yoga toned thighs making him turn red and strain his face from the pressure. If you love scissoring, you’ll love this clip!

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