Mrs. Thorne – Kenny’s Family Adventure Part 1 – Lick Ass – Club Stiletto

Mrs. Thorne - Kenny's Family Adventure Part 1 - Lick Ass - Club Stiletto

Kenny thinks he is a big man, he’s been left alone for the weekend, and he finally thinks he can score with the hot chick next door. He is chatting on the phone with her, saying how horny he is, and even has a bottle of wine ready when she gets there. Suddenly the doorbell rings, “”What the fuck?”” he exclaims, he doesn’t want anything ruining his plans. The door swings open and it’s his step-Mimi, Cindy. “What are you doing here?”, he asks, still holding the phone while the hottie next door waits to see what’s going on.

Cindy announces that she is there to look after kenny while the family is away. Kenny protests and replies that he is old enough to look after himself, but step-Mimi disagrees. “I know everything about you kenny”, she responds, opening her coat to reveal sexy lingerie, “I’ve been told everything”. She grabs the phone from kenny, speaks into it saying “kenny is grounded”, and hangs up. Cindy secures kenny to the bannister and straddles his face… deja vu! “”Get your tongue in MY ass kenny.

Cindy gets really nasty with kenny. She orders him to clean her ass really well and stick his tongue in deeper and deeper. “This morning I had a hot load of cum shot into my ass, kenny… and I want you to clean it out”. Kenny vigorously protests but step-Mimi just grabs his hair and makes him clean the cum out of her ass. “You do as I say or I will tell about the girl next door”, she threatens him. Kenny has no choice but to lick Step-Moms ass and suck out cum. It’s going to be one helluva week for kenny.

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Mrs. Thorne - Kenny's Family Adventure Part 1 - Lick Ass - Club Stiletto

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