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Mistress T – Triple Ruined

Mistress T - Triple RuinedTriple Ruined

Starring: Mistress T
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Description: This is the most amazing ruined orgasm vid I’ve ever filmed. Even I was shocked when I was able to milk a second then a THIRD completely ruined orgasm in a row out of this poor sap. Each time, just as he starts to ejaculate I take my hand away, a sad little drool of cum comes out & the frustration kicks in…a moment later I start again…his orgasm builds, really needing a full release after all that teasing…but again, just a little bit comes out as his abandoned cock twitches against the air…then AGAIN! You hear the poor slave sobbing in frustration…Brilliant! Includes lots of sensual teasing & cum eating at the end, at least eating what little has escaped after 3 disappointing ruined orgasms!

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