Mistress Keres – Real Ass Love – Club Stiletto

Mistress Keres - Real Ass Love - Club Stiletto

Keres has never been happier since step-Aunty Paige suggested she marry Kenny as he has been trained to submit to women his whole life. Keres uses Kenny in every way possible, sexual servitude, a cuck, human furniture, toilet, there’s no end to the fun. In this scene we find Keres already sitting on Kenny’s face. “Get your tongue deep in my ass” she tells him adding “Show me some real ass love.” Nice angles showing the best of Keres plump Ass and closeups of Kenny tonguing her bung hole. She reminds Kenny that there is no shortage of men and women who would love to take his place so he had better appreciate these opportunities.

Keres looks at the camera and says “I love getting fucked by my boyfriend and then coming home and sitting on Kenny’s face”, revealing where she was before this scene started. After a while Keres turns into a forward position and tells her slave to take a breath as she is going to sit on him with all her weight. She makes Kenny fight for air but reminds him to continue to pleasure her asshole. She then decides to discipline Kenny, not part of this clip, but you do see Kenny’s well marked ass as the scene rolls over and we now find Keres relaxing on her stomach, on the bed, wanting some more ass worship. She could literally have her ass licked half the day she likes it so much. She lays on her stomach and calls Kenny up to rim her from behind. The camera catches the soles of her feet and then up to her gorgeous ass as Kenny makes love to it with his mouth. After fucking her boyfriend, face sitting Kenny and flogging him, she is tired. She tells Kenny to keep licking and not to stop even if she falls resting. As an unexpected treat she cuts a really wet fart in his face, making him grimace and her smile.

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Mistress Keres - Real Ass Love - Club Stiletto

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