Miss Madison – Ass lickers Favorite part of the Day – Club Stiletto

Miss Madison - Ass lickers Favorite part of the Day - Club Stiletto

Miss Madison walks into the room where he slave has been locked up for the day. He is locked in the cage with only his head outside, right in perfect position to lick her ass or be her toilet when she decides to come use him. “How’s your day been?” she asks him and then says he has it easy just sitting around all day doing nothing. “A day of leisure, just sitting in a cage, how hard can it be”, she adds. She tells him that she has had a busy day and her ass is dirty and she needs him to clean it. She hops up on the cage and tells him to gaze at her pussy. She fingers herself and says he is not good enough to lick her there but she does give him a taste off her fingers. “It must be hard looking at my pussy and knowing you’ll never get any… ever, from anyone” she says. Miss Madison then changes her mind and says she might have him lick the fat old lady next door, one day. “She probably hasn’t had her pussy licked in 30 or 40 years” she tells him.

Now Miss Madison shifts forward a bit so her asshole is right by the slaves mouth. He wastes no time getting his tongue deep inside her. She purrs with delight and says it’s not as good as her boyfriends cock but it’s pretty good. After a good rimming she turns around so he can rim her from behind and she can sit on his face at the same time. She sits full weight fording his head back which cause him great discomfort but she reminds him some things are worth suffering for. She bounces up and down and tells him to keep his tongue out so she can be properly ass fucked by it. “Every time I come down on your face I want to feel your tongue in my asshole” she tells him. Her ass looks so delicious as it bounces up and down on him. After lengthy bouncing she moves up on his face and tells him to gaze at her hole and you can see she is now squeaky clean. She tells him to reach for her asshole with his tongue and then she rewards him by letting him lick her some more. This time light licks up and down her crack, she wants to get in the mood for her man. Finally she sits back down on him full weight, it’s time to make him kick for air. She looks at you and says “Would you like to be locked in my cage?”

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Miss Madison - Ass lickers Favorite part of the Day - Club Stiletto

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