Kimberly Kane – Smother Sneak ATTACK!

Kimberly Kane - Smother Sneak ATTACK!

This panty sniffing pervert broke into the wrong house tonight. When he gets too comfortable with a napping beauty the tables get turned on him big time. He is completely dominated by her strength and hand over mouth power. She steals his breathe and releases just in time for him to sip the tiniest bit of air before wrapping him up again. She sits on his face until he gasps and begs. Then when he can’t take anymore she yanks off his pants and rides his cock until he cums a massive load inside of her. She drips out the cum back onto his throbbing cock and threatens him with jail time unless he keeps his mouth shut. He’s now completely under her power and locked into her smother slavery.

Duration: 11:56
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
FileSize: 447 MB

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Kimberly Kane - Smother Sneak ATTACK!

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