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Jemma Valentine - Worthless Fuck Face

Princess Jemma, barely in her 20’s, discovers a whole new life when taken under the wing of Her step-mom, Mistress Kandy. Jemma did wonder how her lame, but rich, daddy managed to get a hotty like Kandy but after the wedding Kandy wasted no time in telling her the whole story. Jemma’s dad was a cuckold to Kandy and that meant he served her (and her lovers) but now was about to become Jemma’s slave, as well. That’s the back story, and watch for new clips with that content, but fast forward a few weeks and our young and gorgeous Jemma has taken full advantage of her new found power…

Jemma has a stud of a boyfriend, of course, but one day she finds herself horny and he is out of town. As it turns out the boy next door has been lusting after her since high school, she decides it’s time to make use of him for her own satisfaction, which means humiliating him, and an orgasm for Her. She calls him over and fits him with a mouth dildo, then while verbally humiliating him rides the dildo to a mind blowing orgasm, right in daddy’s house, who is no longer the domineering parent he once was, but more likely the one to clean up any mess she leaves behind.

After having a strong orgasm, Jemma decides to reward her new slave and let him shoot a load, knowing this will leave him limp and further humiliated, rather than aroused, and of course she has always wanted to see daddy lick up cum… or maybe that will be your role? This clip is one of the HOTTEST scenes we have shot!

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