Goddess Samantha – The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass – Club Stiletto

Goddess Samantha - The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass

Samantha is breaking in a new slave to service her ass while she sits on his face, as she finds it enhances her masturbation play. The slave is very eager and Samantha treats him well. She knows this one mainly needs encouragement as his devotion is quite evident. She does, however, make it clear that as her ass slave, the only thing that should matter to him is her ass. She sits forward, bouncing lightly to let him get used to her amazingly full ass, while his head practically disappears beneath it. She settles in and tells him she’s going to take his breath away. She briefly shifts up and down after about 20 seconds to help him get comfortable and tells him how good his stubble feels on her ass. “Do you love it?” she asks. He smiles and says he does. She gives him more, this time asking the cameraman to let her know when a minute is up. When the cameraman says 40 seconds, the slave is already tapping out. Samantha just laughs and says she knows he can do better. She tells the cameraman to give her the time again, but this time she plays with her pussy… clearly she’s getting aroused. This time at 45 seconds the slave isn’t even kicking and gives a thumbs up. At the one minute mark, Samantha lets him breathe and he gasps deeply. While she’s pleased and strokes his face, telling him he did well, she says his training will get him to two minutes and eventually even three minutes, since the average girl needs about that long to have an orgasm (not that Samantha is your average girl or anything, lol). She hops back onto him in the forward position and gives you a great view of her ass, asshole, and pussy, before settling back down on his head. She tells the slave to pull out his cock and stroke it, to show how much he enjoys being under her ass. The slave quickly gets fully erect, and who can blame him as she bounces up and down on his face, her huge tits moving in unison. She comments on his hard dick, bends over, and lets it slap between her tits. That’s when things really get hot. Samantha is getting off on his face, and he’s fighting to breathe while rubbing a stiff cock that looks ready to blow any second. “Oh my gawd, I’m going to cum right in your face” she moans, rocking wildly on his head, totally forgetting he hasn’t had any air in quite some time. And based on the slave’s erection, it’s likely he’s forgotten, too! Finally, Samantha shudders as she reaches orgasm and the slave sneaks some air. She tells him to take one more breath and then sits back down, the scene ending with the slave hard and stroking, legs kicking in the air, desperate to breathe, and Samantha laughing out loud with glee.

Duration: 11:18
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
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Goddess Samantha - The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass

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