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Goddess Paige - Caught by Mommy - Imprisoned Under Her Bed

Mommy now keeps sonny imprisoned under her bed when she has no need for him. But when she’s horny… she enters the room and lifts up the bed to reveal sonny lying there in a box. He cannot escape once he is in the box because thieved is too heavy for him to lift. All he can do is wait and wait until Mommy lets him out for some exercise and food. Naturally his exercise is mainly exercising his tongue on Mommy’s asshole and pussy. His food is whatever comes from Mommy’s ass. This is his new life. Mommy commands him into face sitting position on the bed and begins with some sweet, sweet jeans pacesetting. She really pushes sonny’s nose deep into her jean covered ass crack and orders him to sniff and sniff. After awhile, she stands over sonny and strips off her jean shorts in a very sexy display. She shows him the love of his life… her ass… and then sits hard on his face. She really rides his face as she gets more and more excited until she has a beautiful climax. Then it’s back into his prison under the bed until she needs him again.

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