Goddess Jewels – Taste And Lick Up My Man – Club Stiletto

Goddess Jewels - Taste And Lick Up My Man - Club Stiletto

Goddess Jewels has her slave in his cage. She approaches him and asks him if he heard her with her lover. “I got fucked really good” she says and asks him if he knows what that means. He nods yes and knows it’s time for him to be released and ordered to lick up all the cum from her pussy. She opens the cage door and when the scene switches to the bedroom we see her laying on her back and the cum leaking from her pussy and down her ass crack. The slave gets on the bed and starts to lick up the sticky cum. “Show me your tongue” she says. The slave shows her the thick load in his mouth and then is ordered back to continue his work. She tells him to make sure he licks up every drop. She tells him if he does a good job she will stuff her panties in his mouth for the rest of the day.

She reminds him that she doesn’t fuck him because he is to small to please her and is only good enough to clean up behind real men with big hard cocks. “My boyfriend is at least 12” and you’re maybe two” she says while reminding him he is lucky none the less still having a purpose. She tells him to move back so she can inspect her pussy and when he does there is still cum flowing from her. “I have another boyfriend coming over soon and I don’t want him seeing that someone else has fucked me“, she tells him. “If it’s not clean you will be beaten” she warns him. Soon Jewels decides that her slave has had enough pussy, after all he’s not there to please her, only to clean her up. She tells him to lick her ass and calls him a rutting pig. She eventually rolls on her side and has him spread her ass cheeks so you get a beautiful view of her ass and asshole. He resumes licking it. If you love BBW pussy and ass worship you will love this clip.

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Goddess Jewels - Taste And Lick Up My Man - Club Stiletto

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