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Goddess Blaize – My Brown Tongued Bitch – [Domina Planet]

Goddess Blaize - My Brown Tongued Bitch - [Domina Planet]Goddess Blaize – My Brown Tongued Bitch

Descriprion: Goddess Blaize has trained Her new slave to be Her foot cleaner and pet, but now She will move on to training the slave how to worship, care for and serve Her precious asshole. Goddess Blaize walks into the dungeon wearing a jet-black PVC dress with big chrome buckles and thigh-high black stiletto boots. She has Her slave bound on its back, secured to an inflatable bondage chair, wearing a blindfold.
“Slave, you’ve been lucky enough to have learned how to serve My feet, and since you’ve done an adequate job, we will move on to the next phase of Your training; learning to service and serve a superior Woman’s delicate anus”
She takes off Her boots and hikes up Her skirt, revealing a pair of bright-red metallic panties. She sits down on the slave’s face, his nose right next to Her puckered asshole.
“Smell it, slave. Smell your Goddess’s essence. Inhale deeply and imprint that smell on your worthless little pig brain”
The slave starts to make light sniffing noises but is whipped quickly by Goddess Blaize:
The slave yells in pain at the sudden explosion of anger and pain, but starts audibly sniffing quite loudly. She pulls aside the crotch piece of Her panties to bare Her asshole, and scoots back, putting the slave’s nose right on the tip of Her puckered starfish.
“Now I’m gonna nose-fuck you little bitch”
Keeping Her perfect ass-cheeks pried apart with both hands and causing Her asshole to gape slightly, She pushes back onto the slave’s nose until it disappears inside Her rectal cavity, only to re-appear as She slide those back out of Her cute little asshole. She suddenly starts whipping him wildly:
“I STILL don’t hear fucking smelling! Deep inhales, bitch or I’m not letting you up for any air!”
She then orders the slave to start kissing and licking Her sweet little asshole which the slave does with some gusto as Goddess Blaize moans with pleasure. She then orders the slave to start tongue-fucking Her anus, its tongue punching through Her sphincter muscles to sample the delights within.
“Tongue fuck my asshole bitch, and don’t you DARE take your tongue OUT of my asshole until I decide. How does it taste?”
She starts to fuck his face, sliding back and forth, harder and hard, usually with ass cheeks spread wide, the slave tongue goes in and out. She starts pushing back farther and farther onto the slave, making sure that it’s supporting Her full weight. She whips the slave to encourage it to get deeper:
“DEEPER, BITCH. Your fucking tongue should be a solid brown if you get deep enough”
Finally, the slave is hanging on for dear life while holding its owner up by its forearms, as it plunges its tongue in and out of Her now wet and gaping anus like a piston, licking and sucking and seemingly trying to get its head all the way up Her cherry little ass.

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