Goddess Amelia – Super Hero Ass licker – Club Stiletto

Goddess Amelia - Super Hero Ass licker - Club Stiletto

Everyone has a super power and his is licking ass. In this scene Goddess Amelia comes out of the bathroom after flushing the toilet where her slave skatman is bound to a stool so she can have her ass licked clean. She sits her big fat ass on the stool and has it hanging over so it’s very accessible to the slaves tongue. She gyrates it, bounces it, spreads her cheeks wide and gives you an amazing show when the slaves head isn’t pressed deep between her cheeks. “I want a nice deep rimming, I want to be clean all the way in, you never know when a boyfriend might come by and want to fuck my ass” she tells him.

Some nice upward angles where you can see the slaves tongue really working her hole and her pussy on full display too. Unexpectedly Amelia blows a fart in the slaves face which makes him instinctively back off but not for long as he knows he must be continue licking. A unique finish to this as we hear the director say “cut” but Amelia has a surprise for the slave and as he’s moving away she tells him to get back by her ass. She bounces it up and down, what a sight, and then blows another fart in his face. “The scene is over when I say it’s over” she says. Fortunately the camera man kept the camera rolling and you literally get a behind the scenes look at what can happen when the Mistress thinks the scene is complete.

Duration: 00:07:00
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
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Goddess Amelia - Super Hero Ass licker - Club Stiletto

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