Faceriding Delight – Cheryl Face Humps in Panties

Faceriding Delight - Cheryl Face Humps in Panties

I met Cheryl and had no Idea she was hearing impaired. Needless to say, this was a very fun and interesting experience, as we communicated slowly through writing and lip reading. We decided to do a couple of clips for fun and kinkiness, but please know, she does NOT speak in the clips. I didn’t want her to say things just for the sake of saying, and it would’ve been a bit odd anyways. As for the clip, Do Know that Cheryl is a VERY pretty girl, it was the reason I even approached her, as she is natural, girl-next-door type, the kind most of us fantasize about. As always, I make an effort to find unique, amateur and natural girls, real girls, not professionals. This was done at a moments decision, not set. She is in her yellow Undies, looking so cute, as she’s straddling my body and getting into it a little bit.

She’s sensual and smily as she’s playing with me, then leans back and rubs her feet on my face. Then I ask her to scoot up for a front face sit, great view of her panties and legs, and then she leans over to the side for a fantastic view of her soft and big ass cheeks. All this before she climbs on reverse…and this is when she goes from learning to vigorous humping.

Great posture, uses her feet well to trap my head under her. She grinds and humps, hard and fast, then slowly…It’s really hot out here, and I can feel the moisture in her panties and a squishy sound as she rides. During the clip, I pull her panties a side for a couple of seconds for a teaser you won;t forget 🙂 Check her out, she may not speak, but this is still a real good clip, imagine having to explain face sitting this way, it’s hard enough to talk about it sometimes, but She definately took to it real fast and had fun doing so.

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