Faceriding Delight – Big Bro Gets Owned 1

Faceriding Delight - Big Bro Gets Owned 1

This is one of my favorite scenarios, as It was a personal experience that got me into face sitting to begin with. Caitlin is back ( as sexy as ever ) as my little step sister, hogging the remote. Well, I wanted to watch something, so I try to get the remote from her….She wasn;t having it…Not only could I NOT wrestle it away from her, she turns on me and pushes me around, absolutely dominating me. ( GREAT views on Cait’s ass, with her dress barely covering her ass cheeks ).

I’m on the ground as she stands over me and begins her conquering. She sits full weight, long periods of smothering, both forward AND reverse. This camera is awesome and I’ll probably be using it in the future. Once I begin to tire, she even mocks me by relaxing on me like a lounge chair ” I just made you my seat” Fans of Caitlin and her awesome lines will love this one, as she makes fun of beating up her older brother. This one has quickly become one of my favorite clips yet.

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