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Countess Isabella - Interrogation Under Ass

Isabella and kenny are cousins. She wasn’t aware of kenny’s twisted family life but when she started to get a sense of how fucked up kenny was, she puts him on the bondage table and uses her big, beautiful ass to smother him and get some answers. Poor kenny starts to confess how he has been trained to lick his Mom’s ass and also his Step-Mom’s.

Isabella continues to sit harder and longer, demanding more details. when she rises up to allow kenny a wisp of air, she slaps his face and even grabs his throat to chock him. She wants all the details and she wants them NOW! More and more smothering gets kenny revealing how he is also a cuckold for his Mom and he must clean step-daddy’s cum out of her pussy and ass. Isabella is disgusted and then starts to punish kenny with her ass… pushing it hard on his face and making him regret he was ever born.

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