Amadahy – Geek Licks His Princess – Brat Princess

Amadahy - Geek Licks His Princess

Amadahy is enjoying her book while her geek pleases her with his tongue. The geek has his arms tightly bound behind its back with chains. It grosses it out for her to be touched by his geeky hands but his tongue does feel nice. She uses the chains to make sure his hands do not touch her. The geek is forced to wear a pair of her panties as he laps at her pussy. The geek is desperate to please her. Maybe after she cums she will unlock his arms when she puts him back into his closet she keeps him in. The geek does not realize that she is considering making him a toilet. Amadahy is using this as a test to see if it will be a good pussy licker for her when her boyfriend is not available.

If not, he will only be used as a pussy cleaner after being used as a toilet. She calmly just states ‘more’ when she wants him to keep licking her. She is so greedy when it comes to orgasms. She loves being brought to lots of orgasms with his tongue. She does not care how uncomfortable her geek slave is on his knees with his arms bound behind his back. This video is so sexy because she cums like 3 times for real in this clip. This is her real life geek slave and he worships her in real life. She pets his head when he is finally done and lets him know if he will be a toilet or not. It is her decision and hers alone.

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