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Tiger Lily, Queen Kitty, Mean Cashleigh – The XXLoser Position – [Cruel Gf]

The XXLoser Position - []Tiger Lily, Queen Kitty, Mean Cashleigh – The XXLoser Position – [Cruel Gf]

Descriprion: The loser position is fucking humiliating, right? I mean staring at your own cock while you jerk it into your own face on my command. That’s pretty humiliating but we want it to be even more humiliating for you. We’re gonna upgrade your loser position cum eating humiliation. It’s not just about eating your own cum – it’s about being trained into becoming an emasculated cumdump and that means total submission and deep humiliation. Let’s start by getting you dressed for the occasion. A cum-dump should look pretty for all the cum she’s about to receive so slip yourself into your best lingerie.

Wiggle into your panties, pull up your stockings and fasten your bra – you look absolutely pathetic but we’re so not done, cumdump. We want you to wear heels too and we don’t want them to come off so lock them on sissy! Next up is hair and makeup – paint your face like a whore – make yourself look trashy – you’re taking a mouthful of cum remember so there’s no need to look sweet and innocent. Now the gag, sissy. A big ‘O’ gag to stretch your mouth wide open – to make your cumdump target as easy to hit as possible – lock the gag with a little padlock and make the key is out of reach. You’re already looking pathetic but there’s more to come before you’re allowed to empty your load into your own mouth sissy.

Only once you’ve completed all the steps we have planned to make you look and feel completely submissive and humiliated can you begin your cum-dump countdown. The timer will start in just a moment and you will be given 1 minute to cum into your own mouth. During that minute you’ll receive XL verbal-humiliation from us – making fun of you for the embarrassing predicament you’ve found yourself in for your cum-eating humiliation… are you ready cumdump?

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