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Nadia White, Nyssa Nevers – Dominant Valentine’s Diner Gone Wrong – [Subby Hubby]

Nadia White, Nyssa Nevers - Dominant Valentine's Diner Gone Wrong - []Nadia White, Nyssa Nevers – Dominant Valentine’s Diner Gone Wrong – [Subby Hubby]

Descriprion: Poor Nadia White is supposed to go to dinner with her man on Valentine’s Day, but when he shows up 45 minutes late with the same boring gifts of chocolates and roses as last year, Nadia has had enough. Nadia agrees to have sex with him, but he spills his filth before Nadia White can even get her clothes off. Nadia makes him eat his own filth before putting him in a chastity device and collar. She then uses her big red vibrator on her pussy just inches from his face. Nadia White teases her husband by forcing him to watch her please herself just out of reach. Nadia White lets her worthless subby hubby to worship her ass since it’s the only thing he is remotely good at. Nadia bends over and spreads her ass cheeks so he can lick and tongue fuck her goddess ass. Nadia grabs the back of his head and forces his face deep in between her ass cheeks to help him worship better. Nadia then asks if her subby wants to share some of the Valentine’s chocolates, but he has to eat the chocolate out of her ass. Nadia’s subby dives in mouth first and licks the chocolate and Nadia’s ass. Nadia White’s friend Nyssa Nevers comes over on Valentine’s day to check in to see how she’s doing. Nadia tells her how pathetic her subby hubby is by getting her the same boring gifts of chocolate and roses. Nadia White then tells her subby that he could at least lick Goddess Nyssa Nevers feet. Nyssa spreads her toes so the cuckold subby can shove his tongue in between all of Nyssa’s toes. Nyssa Nevers and Nadia White take turns shoving their feet in his mouth while he licks and sucks on their toes. Nadia White asks her friend Nyssa Nevers if she wants to have fun with her subby hubby cum dumpster. They put a chindo on his cucky face since his dicklette won’t be able to please them and it’s locked in a chastity device. After they put the chindo on him, he shoves it in Nadia White’s wet pussy, giving her the most pleasure he ever has. Nyssa sits on his back and grabs his ears to force his head to fuck Nadia better with the chindo. Nadia White is blown away by her friend Nyssa Never’s Valentine’s Day gift to her, Fuck Boy. Nadia is surprised how big his cock is, and how much bigger it is than her subby hubby’s teenie tiny dicklette. Nadia orders her subby to get on his knees between fuck boy’s legs and watch Nadia White suck on the huge cock. Nadia drools the dick spit over her subby’s mouth before she climbs on top of fuck boy’s huge cock. Nadia fucks the huge dick while her hubby watches, and she tells him how much bigger fuck boy is, and how much better his huge dicks feels inside of her. Nadia makes her subby hubby lick her feet while she her pussy pounded, then makes her little cucky suck his cum out of her pussy. Nadia White wants to give her subby hubby a Valentine’s Day gift, a threesome with her friend Nyssa Nevers. Only, instead of using his small cock to fuck Nadia and Nyssa, they are going to use their strap on cocks to fuck the little cucky. Nadia forces him to take turns sucking each of their huge strap on cocks. Nadia then puts her subby on his hands and knees and gets behind him to start pegging his ass. Nadia and Nyssa spit roast the little subby with their huge strap on cocks. Nadia loves pegging her subby hubby’s tight ass while watching him suck on Nyssa’s thick cock.

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