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Mistress Jasmine and Mistress Kandy – Big Boy For Little Bitch – [Club Stiletto]

Mistress Jasmine and Mistress Kandy - Big Boy For Little Bitch - [Club Stiletto]Mistress Jasmine and Mistress Kandy – Big Boy For Little Bitch

Descriprion: Things are never kinkier than when Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy get together to inflict pain and humiliation on a pathetic slave. Today’s slave is actually gay and has a lover named Greg but he can’t resist submitting to this powerful Femme Duo. The slave has been in the dark under a hood for hours but Jasmine now has him pleasuring her with a mouth dildo. Meanwhile, Kandy pulls down his panties to expose his swollen nuts and miniature dick. They laugh about how tiny his cock is, saying it’s basically like a third ball – it’s actually smaller than his balls! The slave likely has no idea what’s being said as the leather hood also blocks his ears. He keeps a steady rhythm going on the mouth dildo because he knows Jasmine can be brutal if she’s not happy with a slave’s efforts. Kandy pulls out a massively huge strapon cock, slides it between the slave’s ass cheeks, and glides it into his nasty slut ass. “I wonder if Greg fucked him before he came over” Jasmine says with a laugh.

Kandy pulls the cock out of the slave’s slut hole and finger fucks him, first with one finger, then two, and finally with three and four. The slave starts to moan and groan in earnest so Kandy decides it’s time to ride the whore hard. In no time she has her black cock buried deep inside him. The gimp matches the pace he’s using for the mouth dildo with the one Kandy’s using to fuck him, but it sounds like Jasmine is enjoying herself the most. Once she’s satisfied, Jasmine takes the dildo out of the slave’s mouth and tells him it’s time for him to suck it. She shoves it into his mouth, and when he starts to gag, the girls mock him for not liking pussy. “He likes cock” Jasmine says, as the ladies laugh hysterically. Kandy continues to pound his boy cunt until the bitch is all but broken. The ladies decide they should take him out to the woods, chain him to a tree, and leave him there until they want to use him again. Greg is going to wonder what’s become of his ‘man’!

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Mistress Jasmine and Mistress Kandy - Big Boy For Little Bitch - [Club Stiletto]

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