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Mistress Gaia – Ballbusting Squad

Mistress Gaia - Ballbusting Squad - [] Mistress Gaia – Ballbusting Squad

Descriprion: The video begins with a shot of your feet as you walk towards the cock table, where a spy is imprisoned. You look at a sheet and reads it. “Well good” … and picks up a telephone “someone will have to reveal the code to me to log in. Coincidentally… they always send me when it comes to making someone talk: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Gaia, of the “Ballbusting Squad” and these are the tools I will use to make you talk “… You take off your shoes and and show the spy your wonderful feet. “Do you like them?”, But the spy will not utter a word … then you will start to put pressure on his cock with your toes and showing the arches of your feet, alternating your feet and doing poses and bringing the spy to excitement “But yes you like them, your cock speaks for you! So, you can tell me the code now, while I show you the exciting side of my feet, or find the worst side the choice is yours … but I know from experience that you don’t have much time available … my feet are irresistible. You will do a spy footjob, with his cock lying on the table and will alternate your feet masturbating with your toes right under the chapel. You will coerce him to watch, and the spy will not take long to flood the table. At this point you continue to footjob him very hard for another two minutes, asking him for the code, but the spy will not tell you anything, despite complaining of post-orgasmic torment with groans. Now you will brutally step on him, I want to see the cock completely squeezed by your wonderful toes with all the weight of your body, but once again the spy will resist. At this point you free him from the cock table and tell him that he has asked for it… As you begin kicking his balls and admiring your incredibly sexy legs, saying “this is what they teach us at the course … to make a man talk, many kicks are needed in the balls ” After an intense series of kicks the spy will tell you the code… “Bravo, you saw that it was not difficult! (And laugh). Then insert the code, but this will be wrong. His expression soon changes as you head towards the light telling him “now you’ve really angered me” … and a terrible series of powerful kicks will start, without respite, one after the other, right, left, right left you continue to kick him until he reveals another code, which this time is the correct one. Once inserted and verified, you can now access the phone. Returning to the spy … You give him more blistering kicks in the balls, telling him that he deserves them for teasing you. During this last series of kicks you laugh so much by teasing the spy about the sound of his balls when they receive a kick and the sound of his moans. Eventually, when you decide that it is enough, for the last kick you tell the spy “come on this is the last kick in the balls” as you countdown 3,2,1 and with a powerful kick lift him off his feet and watch him fall to the floor. Laughing out loud telling him he has just been broken by the ballbusting squad…

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Duration: 00:11:00
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