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Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Pride

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Pride - []Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Pride

Descriprion: A man full of misogynistic pride must be knocked down a peg or two and taught a lesson. Gynarchy is the only truth to be proud of. Before Me I have an arrogant slave, one who thinks only with his tescticles and lustful desires. his report from work states he is overconfident so I maust remind him of his place. I make him pull down his pants and expose himself. Layer by layer I must dehumanise him until he knows he is nothing more than a toy for My amusement. he puts on the chastity cage I have out out for him, his cockiness is beginning to wain as he feel small and humiliated. Putting on My hard cock I show him the error of his ways wanking Myself and walking around his proud peacock posture I tell him what I am about to do him. All of My pride will be plunged inside his masculine form, opening him up for all the world to see. his most intimate parts exposed and violated……. repeatedly! I bend him over My bench and stuff Myself inside, he quivers with his head bowed and his submission is reinforced in whimpers as I plough through him until I am satisfied.

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