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Janira Wolfe – A Sisters Revenge – [Wolfe Sole Productions]

Janira Wolf - A Sisters Revenge - [Wolfe Sole Productions /]Janira Wolfe – A Sisters Revenge – [Wolfe Sole Productions]

Descriprion: Janira’s brother has recently told the whole school about Janira’s foot fetish, and she is NOT happy about it…but now she’s about to get her revenge! Janira has her brother bound and gagged on the futon, his face completely covered by a mask and blindfolded, so she doesn’t have to look at him while delivering his humiliation. After waking up her brother, Janira starts to taunt and tease him, pointing out how his movement, sight, and speech are restricted, and explaining how the whole school is about to learn something about him, because this is all being recorded! The bratty blonde reminds her brother of how when they were young and used to tickle each other, and of how much her brother enjoyed it. As she starts running her nails down her brothers skin, and he starts laughing through the gag and squirming against the ropes, trying to hide how much he loves it. Janira tickles harder and soon, there is no hiding how exciting the tickling is for her brother, as his erection speaks for him. What a fucking pervert! And how humiliating to have such a perversion exposed! Janira keeps tickling all over her brother’s body, using her nails in his armpits, across the skin of his torso, down to his cock and balls, and on his feet, and her fingers to get deep into the muscles to tickle harder. She alternates sensual tickling with more torturous tickling, so especially with the blindfold, he never knows what’s coming!

While tickling and humiliating her brother, Janira teases him with her feet, amused by how she’s combining her foot fetish with his tickle fetish for one fucked up experience for the whole school to see! But the humiliation is not over yet. Now that Janira has gotten her brother all turned on from being tickled, she’s going to get him off…but she’s going to do it HER way…with her feet in his face! Bound, gagged, and blindfolded, Janira’s brother has no choice but to lie there and take it while she shoves her feet in his face, making him smell them through the mask as she jerks him off, making him learn to like feet, and giving him an orgasm he will never forget…and neither will the rest of the school after they see the video.

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