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Andrea Rosu – The Executrix Files: Andrea’s Smother Chamber – [The Queendom]

The Executrix Files: Andrea's Smother Chamber - [ / The Queendom]Andrea Rosu – The Executrix Files: Andrea’s Smother Chamber – [The Queendom]

Descriprion: In the future Women rule and males serve. Those males unfit to serve, deemed useless to Female society, or who’s owners simply get tired of them are sent to The Executrix Center for… population control. Its not as bad as it sounds though, Women understand how simple-minded males are so The Executrix Center is staffed by a team of sexy, merciless Executrixes who use their beautiful bodies to destroy every male who is sent their way. By far the most popular method of male disposal is facesitting, a method that Andrea Rosu is particularly well suited for! Inside Andrea’s smother chamber a male is waiting, handcuffed and trapped inside a smotherbox. Andrea has a very busy day ahead, but she has a little time before her next male is ready for her, which means she can have a little fun with this one!

Andrea takes her time smothering the life out of this pathetic male, starting with some hand over mouth smothering before moving into forward facesitting. The reverse facesitting steals the show though as Andrea’s big, incredible ass swallows up the male’s face, sealing his nose and mouth between her luscious cheeks. Andrea stays active, switching between different positions while giving the slave just enough air to survive, at least until her next appointment! The poor male doesn’t know whether to be excited to have his face buried in Andrea’s magnificent ass or terrified that it will be the end of his life. Eventually the survival instinct kicks in, but its far too late. “I’m done with you,” Andrea says flatly, checking her schedule as she lowers her big, round booty onto the smotherbox one last time…

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